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Discontinuation of FL-CC5028A-5M02, FL-CC5028A-5M035, FL-YFL5028A-02 and FL-YFL5028A-035

Dear Valued Customer,

The sale and distribution of the below mentioned Line-Scan Lenses will be discontinued on 27th June 2019. As this might cause you inconvenience, we would like to ask for your understanding.

The sale and distribution of our Line-Scan Lenses FL-YFL3528 and FL-YFL5028 are unaffected.
Thank you for your continued support and interest to our products.


  • FL-CC5028A-5M02
  • FL-CC5028A-5M035
  • FL-YFL5028A-02
  • FL-YFL5028A-035


  • Last day to accept orders: 30th April 30, 2019
  • Last day of distribution: 27th June 2019

* Lenses might be sold out before the last day of accepting orders if we receive a large, unexpected order.